This is the page for Aotearoa, my entry in the 2010 Interactive Fiction Competition.  It was fortunate enough to place 1st out of 24 entries, with some excellent reviews!  I was glad to participate in what was a very strong year — there were 26 entries, almost all of which were great.

If you would like to find out more about the game, you can find its page at IFDB.  This page includes ratings, reviews, and links to both the game file and the walkthrough I provided for the competition.  There are more reviews linked through IFWiki, as well.  You can also find it at the IFComp 2010 webpage, along with the detailed results for all the games.

Aotearoa is now playable directly in your browser, thanks to Andrew Plotkin’s online Glulx interpreter!

4 thoughts on “Aotearoa”

  1. Hi Matt

    I’m a Spanish IF author that recently played Aotearoa. I find your conversation system very likeable. It is possible to find your KeyWords for Conversation 2.0 somewhere for downloading?.


  2. Thanks, David! I have not yet packaged that up for release, but I hope to do so in the next week. At that point it will be submitted to the extension archive and should be available at the Inform 7 website.

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